Chico Chica’s new album: Birds



This blog is essentially a chronicle of all things Chico Chica. Admittedly, I lapse into silence but when something as important as an album launch comes along, well I have no choice but to post.

Chico Chica’s show at The Pheasantry tomorrow (today?), Wednesday 19th April, serves as a launch for Birds – our latest batch of songs which we have been performing regularly but has now been committed to record.
We thought long and hard about how to  release the album – we could have waited until more is recorded until we make a full length CD, or a vinyl release like the last one The Glow of Havana. We decided on a digital release and once again, to enlist Phil Bartle to paint and design the cover.
For the record, the songs are:
Falling, Falling
Ever Since I Met You
The Happy Pain of Love
Flauta Charona
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Taylor at Porcupine Studios, London and the musicians were:
Barbara Snow – flugelhorn, voice
Tom Hannah – cavaquinho, voice
Hilary Cameron – piano, flute, voice
Carlos Straatman – electric bass, voice
Xande Oliveira – drums
Jansen Santana – percussion
Rob Millett – marimba
It will be released on our Bandcamp page here:
 so do go there and buy your tracks. It will not be released on any streaming services until a later date.
Now there are probably better ways of going about things but when I speak to the conflicting views of musicians and industry figures I realise no-one has a clue. So there’s no alternative but to keep writing, keep recording, keep performing and put the stuff out there for people to buy and listen to.
We’re very proud of these songs – they have a distinct Brazilian sound and yet still maintain the Chico Chica ethos and English sensibility.

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