New Look Website

I’ve been meaning to come back to the Chico Chica website for a while. I have decided to stop the book reviews for now and focus on Chico Chica activity. After all, this is supposed to be what this site is about. We have a new release coming up this year. The plan is to release the four songs we recorded at Cowshed Studios earlier in the year – wait for it – on vinyl. Nearly all technological advances are a victory for power over pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with that – we need power, especially in areas such as medicine and transport. But when it comes to how we consume music, we need to get the balance right. So listeners of Chico Chica’s next release will not be sitting at a desk.Well that’s the plan as it exists in our heads. I will outline how each new development as it occurs, even boring stuff like distribution deals – I bet you can’t wait.

So do keep coming back – I will be posting frequently.


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