Chico Chica – October Newsletter



Ali’s Song (You Won’t Believe What I Have Seen), will be released on 1st November. It will take place at Potters Hill Park between City Hall and Tower Bridge, London at midday. Chico Chica will perform the song, along with lots of young brass and percussion players, and some special guests. The video is a series of MSF photos but if you know an animator who could come up with something quickly please do put us in touch.



Chico Chica are delighted to be working with Susan Heaton-Wright at Viva Live. Susan has been a great friend and champion of Chico Chica’s since the early days. She will be booking dates for the five-piece band for 2014. This marks a big new chapter in the Chico Chica story. Susan can be contacted at 0844 5763015. Susan will be attending WOMEX in Cardiff later in the month.



10th October, The Brunswick, 1 Holland Road, Brighton, East Sussex, UK BN3 1JF. 8.00pm. Details are on the Brunswick site:

and the Facebook Event page:

11th and 24th October, The Brasserie, The Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Place, London W1H 7DL.

27th October, The White Hart, 1 Mile End Rd London E1 4TP



We have selected six new songs for recording sometime this autumn. Two of them, Casa Flamenco and Nice Guy With An Edge are already in the show. We are now refining them and thinking hard about how they will be arranged.



The UK tour for February 2014 now includes confirmed bookings in Colchester, Deal, Crawley, Isle of Wight, Westcliff, London, Edinburgh, Cambletown and Lichfield. The list is continuing to grow. 






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