Fat Cats

So who’s gong to stop the cats feeding themselves? Some say the Government, some say the workers and some say the shareholders. But no-one says the consumers. Yet this is the most effective remedy. Bob Diamond from Barclays Bank got the biggest bonus so if you really, really care about all this, and you are a Barclays customer, then switch.


But in truth, most people aren’t that bothered. It’s has become a political and media obsession which hasn’t caught on  with the population. One of the reasons is because it is national issue. Once we start thinking globally it all becomes a bit silly. No-one is angry that Tim Cook the Apple chief executive got paid £244 million. This is because he is a) foreign b) ‘cool’ (he doesn’t wear a tie). And thinking beyond these shores brings home to us the wealth gap between Africa and Europe.

Keeping the issue national rather than global makes it look like petty-minded jealousy. The man on the suburban street is quite happy with his Z400i series but becomes unhappy when his next-door neighbour buys a Z500i series. He’s not bothered about what happens elsewhere. For petty jealousy to thrive, we need to keep our horizons as limited as possible.


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