Chico Chaca – Latin Jazz Trio

Five languages, formidable talent, three singers, two genders, one band:  Chico Chica entertain and connect like no other. Latin beats are the waves over which a repertoire of Jazz, Latin, Lounge, International and Classic Pop is surfed.

In the past I have led two other Latin Jazz Party Bands: Tropical Brainstorm and Trilogy but Chico Chica inhabit an entirely different qualitative and aesthetic dimension. The trio started as a series of casual bar gigs but soon gathered an unstoppable and irresistible momentum. There are certain combinations that just feel right and this is one of them which is why all three of us are so passionately committed to the project.

Barbara Snow (trumpet/percussion) and Hilary Cameron (piano/flute) are two sublimely talented  multi-instrumentalists and singers, each with a distinctive style. The third member of the trio is me. I sing and play Spanish and bass guitar. Most importantly, I love speaking to audiences and engendering a warm, light-hearted ambience. I want listeners not to be merely entertained, but to feel part of a connected assembly. I also work as a public speaker so this is something that comes naturally to me. I speak good French and some German so I particularly enjoy playing to international audiences.

This is the first stage of a launch period. Our medium is neither video nor audio, it is the live event. This is how you can attain a true measure of how good we are and how we. Come and take part in the Chico Chicas launch happening. It is free entry and it takes place 9pm  this Thursday at:

The Plough

297 Northfield Avenue

Ealing W5 4XB


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