Not Alone

I have found someone who is thinking along similar lines. He or she goes by the name of C.Gee and has been active on a recent Spectator  forum promulgating free-range education. Here are his words:

‘Parents with computers and internet access should not send children to school. Schools are where the alien invaders body-snatch. For the underclass, the only purpose in bricks-and-mortar schools is day care and to provide a rationale for social experimentation by the teaching fraternity in “closing the achievement gap”. Soon the only subjects will be: Entitlements (Recognition and Filling Out Government Forms); Self-Esteem; Climate Change; Ethical Eating; Practical Sex and Population Control; Mandatory Voluntary Service (Compassion). If you want grandchildren, do not send your children to school.

There is no reason for the professionalisaton of teaching. The standard two-year dip.ed. – or whatever – courses are hilarious. Half-baked sociological “studies” (with a distinct political agenda) give rise to pedagogic theories which support diminishing emphasis on content, and increasing emphasis on emotional and political “metrics”. In other words, a dip. ed. – or whatever- qualifies the teacher in being an agent of societal change, not in teaching a subject.

If parents want their children to know something, they should find people who know something to teach it to their children. The internet makes this possible. Why be stuck with a trained know-nothing at a local school for a year or more, when you can seek experts in their fields, all over the world? Why not approach a Singaporean mathematician for on-line lessons?

Yes, some people can explain better than others. Discard the ones that can’t explain, find the ones that can. Between the free market and the new technology, we can liberate the mind from the prison-school with its professional warders.

Year-by-year, step-by-step curricula are also archaic. No need to match children by age. No need to have subjects divided into weekly steps. No need to have “subjects”, as offered today.

I agree that busy parents are foolish to complain about lack of progress when they have deposited their children in the hands of professionals. One can see the temptation to have the state mandate a license for parents. The logical and efficient extension of this spirit of professionalism is that parent licenses should only be granted to teachers.’

C.Gee, please get in touch.


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